LEVEL 1: It is aimed for complete beginners or for people who have studied a little bit before but want to start from the basics. This level will help you ask and answer simple questions. It will introduce you to Spanish grammar and learn some basic and daily vocabulary.
LEVEL 2: It is a level designed for those who want to continue learning a bit more than the basics and will prepare you to go forward to an intermediate level. This level will provide you with the confidence of speaking in different situations, a variety of vocabulary and an introduction to different tenses.
LEVEL 3: It has been created for those who seek to understand Spanish language. This level will help you to understand Spanish grammar FULLY and make you able to write, read, understand and maintain a conversation in Spanish.
LEVEL 4: It has been made for those who would like to master their Spanish, talking about different topics, where the students are the ones who led the class and the teacher is guiding, listening, helping, participating and encouraging everyone to participate.

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