“The course content is very rich and adequate in helping  beginners like myself in getting a good foundation for conversational Spanish. Apart from language structure, there is a wide use of  Spanish vocabulary giving a good basis for forming even more complex sentences and thoughts. Overall, the class was fun and vey interactive and our tutor Nuria was very patient with us. I recomment this course to any one who wants to learn Spanish”.

Paul Terry Idodo

“Nuria is a wonderful teacher! Very creative in her methods and engaging students. Lessons are always fun and she is fantastic at allowing students to asic as many questions as possible and encourages us to learn words and phrases suitable to us as individuals! Ella es una buena profesora ;). Smaller classes= less interuptions + more learning! Muy bien hecho”.

Beki Eaton

“I liked the enthusiam and involvement of our tutor Nuria, ready to answer all the questions. Games, dialogues, props were very good. The course is very well prepared, allows to learn more at home, homework actually encourages extra research into vocabulary as well as revision”.

Karol Gorowski

“I really enjoyed the last 6 weeks. I had learned basic conversations and loads of vocabulary, some grammar and pronunciation too! I can now follow my Spanish friends chatting, getting the context and in some conversations I can even join them! Thanks Nuria :)”.

Kasha Gorowska

“I found the course enjoyable with friendly people. It is good to be taught by a Spanish tutor. The content was just the right ammount, challenging but alright when revising. The class size was good, small classes work best. Materials provided were good as well”.

Mark Hubery

“I really enjoyed the lessons. Nuria is really nice and takes the time to explain everything clearly. The lessons are fun, especially as you get to have speaking activities to build up confidence! I would recommend this class to everyone! Thanks, Nuria.

Suzy Barnett

Nuria was really professional and made the lessons very enjoyable. The concepts were communicate in a clear and effective manner either though oral explanations or written on booklets. I would highly recommend her course to have a first introduction to the Spanish language.


Nuria was very professional. I enjoyed these Spanish lessons very much. It was very friendly and relaxing, although we had homework it was fun. I started Spanish to push myself and I have a lot to move forward with. Thank you so much Nuria.

Diane Morrison

Nuria’s classes are always fun and interactive. She is also accessible online and replies to any questions straight away. Such a supportive, friendly and professional teacher. I feel a lot more confident in having conversations in Spanish now. Thank you! And there are always snacks, I love it.

Lina Sernaite

“Enjoyed the course. Liked the variety of activities to practise my speaking, rather than sitting listening for 90 minutes.”

Carolyn Wood

“Really enjoyed the course, The atmosphere made it perfect for learning. The group size was perfect so you could ask questions without feeling like you were holding up the class. The workshop exercise helped learn. Great for joining any previous learner Spanish that you may have.”

Fred Harms

“A great interactive course! Very friendly teacher, make it enjoyable and it’s clear to see a lot of effort goes into the course planning and structure. Course content is very practical and perfect for holiday makers and travellers!”

Kasey Hartney

“The course has been really interesting. Very interactive and engaging activities. I would really. The teacher was really helpful through all the course. Well done. Keep it up!”

Alex Tatsis

“Really, really enjoyed the course! It was great to get my vocabulary up again after few years not speaking it.”

Kerri James

“Very enjoyable course. Easy to follow, explained well. Just enough each week plus homework. Time flew over. Friendly atmosphere.”

Jude Knibbs

“The taster class was very persuasive and fun, which has influenced my decision to do the Level 1 Spanish class for 6 weeks. I have loads of fun and learned the basics of Spanish. I will definitely be back for Level 2. Muchas gracias!”

Jon Waite

“Excellent! Very well presented orally and writing. Very enjoyable. Notes were self explanatory. The teacher is very informative and very helpful. Nuria has a lovely  harrier. I would  recommend anyone  that wishes to learn Spanish to go to on of Nuria’s classes”.

Debbie Davidson     

“It’s been fun and I’ve been looked forward on Tuesday’s Nights!”

Paul Knibbs 

“Enjoyed the course. It was fun and liked the venue. Could have a beer while learning. Muy bien”

Paul Jones

“Enjoyed it very much. The way the course is presented involves all the participants in a playful and friendly way. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn some basic Spanish for holidays. Nuria rocks!!”

Jan the Jong  

“This course has opened our eyes to all the things we have been saying wrong and all the things we could start saying right if we tried a little. Lessons were always FUN including  fake money, clocks and SNACKS 🙂 Arguably a very important aspect of learning. Thanks you! Gracias!”

Emmanouela  Soura

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